Steps to create new ZEN website


  • Dalia

  • There is existing content, including images, logos, etc on the Business Catalyst site - Geoff has admin access to this site if anything needs to be retrieved

  • There is existing content from the now defunct site. It is no longer accessible as a hosted website. Geoff still has access to all content. Content has also been saved as PDFs(print screens), screenshots, etc - all on Dropbox share. Ask Geoff for access

  • Geoff has offered to provide (for free!) squarespace training, support, and content entry, etc. Plus a number of “tricks” & gotchas

  • Initial content for the trial site has been provided by Vivien Griffin


  • the trial site is based on the default site style for the Squarespace developer mode. Some of the Squarespace styles have been modified - generally just font size & button colours


  • Squarespace

    • an all-in-one web hosting and content management product

    • content editors do not need knowledge of HTML

    • emphasis is on ease of use for content editing and creation

    • integrates with GSuite, Mailchimp, Stripe(credit card payments), Facebook, Twitter

    • other integrations via inline code

    • has a native mail out facility(haven’t looked at this - but could be alternative to Mailchimp)

    • renders to all browsers - desktops, tablets, mobiles - as long as simple rules are followed(eg no tables)

    • full feature list is at - - but ignore the commerce related features(except for donations)

  • use developer trial site

    • owner & one other

    • site visible if secret url is known

    • can password protect if required

    • unlimited (free) time before plan is purchased

    • some functionality not activated, eg donations/payments

    • current sites use Developer Mode - extra customising possible, template switching disabled

    • current owner is David Acton via his developer account. Site ownership will be transferred when a paid plan is purchased

  • Squarespace plans

    • recommend “Business” plan - AU$300 per year, if pay annually, else AU$25 per month - refer

    • they don’t have any discounts for not-for-profits

    • needs credit card for payment

    • can be cancelled at any time - but no refunds I believe for pay in advance

    • no limit on storage/bandwidth

    • note that donations form has been migrated to trial site. It seamlessly integrates with Stripe to accept all major credit cards - although fees are a bit hefty - but is a very easy zero cost option

    • Getty images can be purchased via content editing and charged to registered credit card(can be restricted)



  • Content created, entered and validated

  • Interactive features tested

  • have ownership of (NetRegistry)

  • integrations tested

  • note that final testing should be done once squarespace plan has been purchased - as some features, eg donations don’t fully function on developer/trial site

  • any relevant data from Business Catalyst site retrieved

On the day

  • disconnect from Business Catalyst site - if required

  • connect squarespace site to

  • smoke test

  • terminate Business Catalyst site

Other considerations

  • get access to ZEN GSuite for Not For Profits. I think this will give us a file share - Google Drive. Needed to host linked documents

Quite a few free images available - searchable from squarespace. Getty images also easily searchable(for a fee) Or you can add your own

Quite a few free images available - searchable from squarespace. Getty images also easily searchable(for a fee)
Or you can add your own