Noosa’s Small to Medium Companies - Leading the Charge

Data for this infographic relates to January 2019 figures, since then the take up of solar has ramped up dramatically, we can’t wait to receive the latest figures from Energex for 2019!

Data for this infographic relates to January 2019 figures, since then the take up of solar has ramped up dramatically, we can’t wait to receive the latest figures from Energex for 2019!


In 2019 ZEN will have a major focus on increasing the take up of rooftop solar by business (including industrial, commercial and tourism). The start of 2019 has seen a huge increase in solar interest across the region.

Energex data shows that Noosa’s 3,057 businesses consume approx $24.3m of electricity per annum. It is likely that this is an underestimate of business consumption, since tourism accommodation is likely to be recorded in residential figures.

Zero Emissions Noosa wants to share the stories of those businesses already taking action to reduce their emissions. Visit our Case Studies page for a range of successful solar business case studies.

“Electricity costs are high for (holiday rental) owners as holidayers tend to consume a lot of electricity knowing they are not going to be paying for it”.
Noosa Business Owner
— Barriers And Benefits Report

Noosa Business Solar Case Studies

View our video case studies and read more about the many Noosa businesses that have implemented energy improvements including solar and reduced their electricity bills and emissions.


In order to better understand our region’s business perceptions of solar, Zero Emissions Noosa Inc commissioned The Social Deck to undertake research into the barriers and benefits of solar for business. This has helped us better understand how we can support our local businesses on the journey. As a result we will be providing a number of case studies on local business solar take up as well as a series of seminars focusing on the concerns raised in the barriers report.

Many businesses are already leading the charge and seeing the benefits of shifting their energy sources and time of energy use.

A drive around the Noosaville industrial estate reveals that the following businesses have installed rooftop solar:

AGS Architectural Glass Solutions

Alpha & Omega

Amo Gelato/Absolute Providores

Aspire Properties

Belmondos Organic Market

Bissells Paint and Panel

Cetnaj Lighting

Derek Beasley Private Landlord 25kW 

Di Henshall Interior Design

Drop Bear Adventures

Ella and Sunday 6.6KW

Embassy Stone 27.6KW


Fairshore Noosa Resort


Gamlin Roofing

Gull Bros 66kW

Heads of Noosa

Page Furnishers

Paint Right 20KW

Peregian Beach Home Hardware

Rene's Marine and Tropical Aquariums

Sofitel Noosa

Solar on trailers?

Storage First Noosa


Sunshine Mowers 20KW

Sun Motel

T&G Automotive

Trade Tools


Tewantin Bowls Club

Tewantin RSL

(Tewantin newsagent) Office Choice 44kW


Kellick Marine Concepts

Laguna Bay Air Conditioning

Laguna Boating 10KW

Makris Wholesale Foods

Mikes Customs 6.6KW

Noosa Canvas & Vinyl

Noosa Cat

Noosa CV Radiators Repairs 14kW

Noosa Earth

Noosa Engineering & Crane Hire

Noosa Fish Providores

Noosa Marina

Noosa Metal Fabrication

Noosa Party Hire

Noosa Radiators

Noosa Sound Resort

Noosa Village Shopping Centre 250kW

Noosa Wholesalers


Increasing energy efficiency is also important for business and industry. Energy-saving light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting can positively transform our work environments and significantly cut the costs of lighting and maintenance.

If our work sites are using old lighting technology, chances are our energy bill is being impacted. LED bulbs use a fraction of the power of old lighting technology such as compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Replacing inefficient lighting with LED lighting will mean we will use less power and pay less for it. Talk with the EcoBiz service today for free support tailored to reducing your energy bills for your business.

With a 51% return on investment and less than two-year payback, doing our bit for the environment was a no brainer.
Local Noosa Business
— Barriers and Benefits Report