Battery Storage

Energy storage will be crucial to transforming the Australian electricity industry. Energy storage can play a key role by smoothing out the peaks and troughs of renewable energy generation. When a wind or solar farm is producing more electricity than can be instantly consumed in the grid, it can be stored for later use. The same is true for rooftop solar generation. Batteries are a rapidly emerging technology that can be used to provide back-up electricity if there is insufficient power generation to meet demand. In addition, they can play a crucial role in ensuring the stability of the grid by helping to maintain a constant frequency.

According to the latest data, released by the Clean Energy Regulator on 30 January 2018, the number of concurrent small-scale solar and battery installations of all brands reached 3,763 installations in 2017, a large jump from 1,566 installations in 2016.

Business solar solutions provide the unique advantage of direct consumption of the energy produced onsite at the time most businesses need it. Battery storage extends this potential and is an excellent solution for night time loads. Having battery storage installed alongside your solar PV system may not immediately mean that you will have power supply during an outage, so make sure you discuss this with the installer when planning the specifications.