Celebrating Cooran’s Community Power

Repowering Cooran

The Noosa Shire’s Cooran community has over 1MW of installed residential solar photovoltaic energy. Through their community they have also organised and delivered a series of energy efficiency discussions designed to help support a reduction in energy use across the community.

Community power at its finest

Cooran is a community of environmentally conscious residents. Not only are they the embracing solar they have also made a strong stance against coal seam gas exploration in the region under the Cooran Earth Rights initiative.


Cooran - Number of Properties with Solar PV

Above is the gradual and steady increase in installed solar for the Cooran community.

Cooran - Total kW of Installed Solar PV

Heading in the right direction Cooran with over 1MW of installed solar capacity. This represents more than 47% of this suburb with solar power!