Assessing how energy is used around your business is an important function for maximising profit. There are many ways you can reduce your energy use, one example is via the settings on your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC). To assist in understanding energy use all Noosa businesses should take advantage of the free energy assessments provided via ecoBiz.

ECOBiz - free for QLD businesses

ecoBiz is a free, Queensland Government-funded program that supports organisations of all kinds to reduce energy, water, waste bills, and environmental footprint. The service is only available to Queensland businesses.

ecoBiz does this through:

  • A one-on-one on-site coaching session with a qualified sustainability coach (based throughout Queensland).

  • Tailored coaching report detailing no, low and higher-cost initiatives the organisation could implement to achieve savings, and measurement of energy, water and/or waste reductions via bills over 2 years.

Organisations who can demonstrate a 10% or greater saving in energy, water and /or waste are recognised with an ecoBiz Star Partnership, which includes a logo to use in marketing and promotion through our website and social media channels, the potential to be case-studied, and presentation of your certificate at our Leaders Forum events.

Head to the website to sign up or learn more, or call 1300 731 988 or

Demand Management

Demand Management is a general term used to describe management of the electricity demand made on the electricity network as a whole. Large energy consumers such as schools and businesses may find they are being charged a demand charge on their electricity bills. Network demand charges are passed through by the retailer and appear on electricity bills as a seperate line item. Becoming familiar with your electricity bill and the demand charges that you may be receiving is one highly effective first step in business energy efficiency.

Network demand charges are based on the highest demand in any single 30 minute period and can account for up to 33% of your electricity bill. They normally appear under the line item capacity. Managing your demand peaks is therefore one easy way to start saving money on your electricity bill. Many retailers provide a demand management APP which send notifications when approaching a demand peak. This allows you to shift your load use or reduce load during these peak times.