Tourism Overview. We currently cannot disaggregate tourism electricity consumption from residential or business consumption. Energex data shows that there are XXX apartments in Noosa, and it is likely that a large proportion of these are tourism accommodation. It is also likely that property owners are missing out on significant savings which could occur by moving to an embedded network payment arrangement, which would eliminate multiple daily charges.

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Choosing an Installer. Installing rooftop solar is a major investment decision for tourism businesses. We recommend checking out these consumer guides prepared by the Clean Energy Council and Choice so that you can ask the right questions of your solar installer.

Finance Options. There are several financing options which business can consider for paying for rooftop solar installation. These can include bank financing and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). While bank financing is fairly straightforward, we would recommend that you analyse any proposed PPA to ensure it is the right choice for your business. These guides prepared by the Queensland Government and Law Quarter may be helpful for understanding and analysing PPAs. Strata properties could also consider drawing upon their sinking fund, as was done by The Observatory Hotel, Port Macquarie.