Repower Cooran

We, the people of Cooran have declared our village to be coal mine and gas field free. However, the reality is that over 98% of the electricity supplied to Cooran is generated by power stations using coal and gas.  To be truly free of using coal and gas we must go beyond simply keeping the coal and gas extraction industries out of our Shire and work towards eliminating our dependency on power generated from coal and gas. 

Cooran Earth Rights in partnership with Zero Emissions Noosa has set an objective for Cooran to be a zero net user of coal and gas generated electricity by 2026. This would mean that our village would generate at least the same amount of electricity (using solar PV and/or other renewable alternatives) as it consumes.  

The benefits would be:

  • Lower energy costs for the community;

  • Being a model for other communities to achieve the same objective;

  • Making a real contribution to reducing the effects of climate change.

If you support this objective and would like to join with us in initiating the process please complete our questionnaire so we can start by evaluating the needs of the community.

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