Uber driver's electric vehicle on display at Noosa Expo

Every new technology has its early adopters, those passionate individuals at the cutting edge of change who help spread the word and bring prices down for a wider market.

Mobile phones and solar panels are two such examples. Now we are seeing the same major change accelerating with electric vehicles.

One such passionate early adopter is long-time Sunshine Coast resident Jake Pettiford, who will be bringing his electric Hyundai Kona SUV to the Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo on Saturday.

Jake will be speaking with expo visitors about his experience with personal use and as an electric car Uber driver. 

Jake has a young family and his interest in sustainability and renewables started when he was working in East Africa and Europe. 

"Returning back to Australia, one major thing stood out to me - our way of life was largely excessive and in need of trimming,” he said.

"While there are many aspects to living sustainably I would consider our direct consumption of fossil fuels as one of the fundamental areas we could make a difference.

"It's now an exciting timein history being on the cusp of the new green revolution. 

"We are developing the tools needed to sustain our way of life while considering the health of the planet and ourselves.

"Climate change is a world issue but a personal decision. 

"Fortunately technology is improving dramatically and prices of new alternative sources of energy and storage are coming down and we now have the opportunity to make a difference. 

"We could keep our generous lifestyle while good decisions could be made about how we would be able to reduce our energy intensity.”

Jake is using his Kona for his long-distance commute and as an Uber vehicle.

"I read an article where Uber were holding a trial program in the US in a number of major cities incentivising people to drive electric cars,” he said. 

"The driver would earn more per trip and the rider would receive a message telling them they are about to ride in an electric car and to feel free to ask the driver anything you would like to know.

"With a bit of spare time and a new electric car I could have people pay me for a free test ride in an electric car and in turn dispel a lot of the myths and reassure them first-hand that this wouldn't hurt a bit.” 

"Most people are impressed because the vehicle is quite new and are totally unaware it's electric. Some ask why I have turned the engine off for the pick-up. 

"When setting off they say 'gee this is quiet' but when they find out it's electric the questions start. How far can you go? How long to charge? Or I didn't know they had an electric version. But a lot say 'I want one'.” 

The Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo is being held Saturday, June 22 at the Aussie rules grounds, Weyba Rd, Noosaville, 10am-2pm.