'Sun" of a gun, we are saving big in Noosa

Noosa ratepayer savings through tapping into solar continues to soar with the council reporting its switch to major roof panels on one of its main buildings slashed energy consumption from the grid by up to 72 per cent during summer.

Project officer Annie Nolan said the Noosaville depot, now equipped with a 50KW system, achieved the biggest saving over summer with the 72 per cent saving.

"The reduction in the grid power usage delivered a 59 per cent cheaper bill for the depot,” she said.

"Typically power consumption rises in summer as air-conditioning works harder to keep indoor temperatures to a comfortable level however, thanks to the new solar systems, we've managed to slash our grid power consumption and the costs that go with that, and still weather the hottest summer on record.

"It really goes to show how big a difference solar power can have, not only to your carbon footprint, but your hip pocket too.”

A 60KW solar system installed at Cooroy Library cut that facility's grid power use by 44 per cent, delivering a 34 per cent reduction in power costs in the December to February period compared with last year. 

At The J, the new 50KW solar system slashed grid power consumption by 40 per cent, with a 37 per cent reduction in energy costs.

The Leisure Centre used 43 per cent less power from the grid, with a 34 per cent saving on the power bill.

Acting Mayor Frank Wilkie said: "Rolling out renewable energy, upgrading older air conditioning units and switching to LED lighting are some of the ways we are reducing emissions and costs for ratepayers.

"We are also focused on further reducing emissions from our landfill.”