Push for Noosa to hitch a ride with electric powered bikes

Zero Emissions Noosa are running their last Introduction to Electric Bike ride this Saturday, starting at 8am and finishing by 10am.

"We have been running these free two-hour group rides for the last eight months," said ZEN President Vivien Griffin.

"They are part of our commitment to more sustainable transport choices, and they have proven very popular.

"Several of our riders have gone on to purchase an e-bike, which is what it is all about. This ride will be the last we are running, and we still have a few places left, but I would encourage people to register immediately by emailing zeroemissionsnoosa@gmail.com.”

Ms Griffin said riders will head out from the Noosa Transit Centre in Noosa Junction along the Eenie Creek pathway, probably all the way to Noosa Civic and return.

"It is a lovely safe ride, with a few hills to test out the electric boost capacity of the bikes," she said.

"We are grateful to Noosa Council for funding support, but we definitely want to see more initiatives from Noosa Council that focus on alternatives to the use of the private motor car all year round, not just at peak time.

"Transport emissions just from local residents comprise 30 per cent of Noosa's carbon emissions, so it is definitely time for Council to step up, particularly since sustainable transport is one of their five focus areas in their Cities Power Partnership pledge. "

Ms Griffin said four local councils in West Australia trialled the use of electric bikes to replace private vehicle commuter journeys, and achieved great reductions in kilometres travelled to work by car.

"Many governments around the globe are subsidising the purchase of electric bikes. Electric scooters should also be part of the mix," she said.

"Noosa Council transport policy says that council 'will provide infrastructure and services that are designed to give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport over private cars'.

"Yet we still see $3 million allocated to the Ernest St roundabout to make it easier for cars to get around, while a proper bike path plan is still on the to do list, let alone the construction.

"As former chair of the Council Bicycle Advisory Group, I definitely think a greater focus and resource allocation needs to be in place, not just on the future to do list," Ms Griffin said.