riding a pushbike is not just for kids

Commuting via pedal power is a standard form of transport in most countries besides Australia. Riding a push bike, scooter or skateboard has numerous health and environmental benefits. The Noosa region offers a range of fantastic trails and bike paths for commuters and recreational use. Zero Emissions Noosa is also championing a Bicycle Pathway Hotspot Project which sees community riders documenting trouble spots on their journey’s and uploading them to the project map.


Zero Emissions Noosa Cycle Hotspot Project

Our network of active cyclists have organised a bike path hotspot identification project to assist Noosa Council to improve our cycle network. All are welcome to participate in this fantastic grassroots community initiative.

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e-bike research

An e-bike research project is currently underway at CQ University’s Noosa Campus. The project is assessing the potential for e-bikes to reduce car travel in the Noosa Shire and also assessing the health and wellbeing impacts related to e-bike usage. The project is being undertaken in partnership with Zero Emissions Noosa Inc and is sponsored by Giant Bicycles. Acknowledgements to Noosa Cycling. For further information about this project contact Dr. Carina Anderson at

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e-bike trials

Zero Emissions Noosa provided around 100 people with the opportunity to test ride e-bikes across the Noosa Shire. An e-bike is an assisted system, this means that you can utilise the power from the rechargeable battery to assist hill climbing and long distance rides. the perfect bike for the commuter and recreational rider.

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Zero Emissions Noosa Cycle Workshops

Zero Emissions Noosa also provided a series of traditional bicycle workshops designed to help riders maintain and service their bicycles.

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Noosa Bike Trails Map

Find a trail suitable to your bike riding skills and interest. Download the free Noosa Council map to uncover 12 great trails across the Noosa Shire.


An e-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which offers propulsion assistance to a rider as required. This makes commuter riding far easier as the battery can assist up hill riding and riding long distances. Most electric bikes use lithium-ion battery packs, which are rechargeable via a standard power socket. Most e-bikes will have one battery system on board, however, some touring and commuter e-bikes are capable of taking two, even three battery packs at a time.