Zero Emissions Noosa - answers from candidates state election

At our Zero Emissions Noosa meeting on Tuesday 7 November, we decided we'd ask all candidates for the State Election two simple questions about our objective of zero net emissions in the Noosa Local Government Area / State Electorate by 2026. 

We posted the questions on every candidate's Facebook page and have publish the results as we received them 
"On behalf of Zero Emissions Noosa, would you be willing to answer the following questions? 
1) Can you tell us one thing that you will do to support Noosa community’s goal of having zero emissions in the Noosa Shire by 2026? 
2) Do you have solar on your roof?"

It was very pleasing to have all 7 candidates respond to our questions. It is encouraging that all candidates either have solar on their roof, are awaiting installation, or have investigated and have determined that their roof is unsuitable due to shading or orientation.

You may be surprised by some of the responses. 

The candidate answers can be viewed on our Facebook page, and are reproduced below.

Mark Denham Labor for Noosa 1. I will assist the council to move towards alternate renewable energies, Promote other forms of power generation and storage within the community.

2. Yes and it is all Battery storage ready.

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Robin Bristow Reason Noosa Thank you for this opportunity. Noosa could trial offering visitors bicycle vouchers to reduce traffic and parking problems. We live in a townhouse with a south facing roof and was advised solar panels are not possible. There should be communal solar schemes where folk in our situation could join.

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Aaron White-Independent4Noosa Candidate Qld State election 1. Request an investigation into the NERL, bodycorporate and legislation around leasing to facilitate more small to medium scale solar, particularly on large commercial roofspace and integrated solar energy trading companies.

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Aaron White-Independent4Noosa Candidate Qld State election Sorry...yes 5kw system. Cheers, Aaron White

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Eve Whiteside for Noosa - Pauline Hanson's One Nation Thanks for asking me - Our home has 21 solar panels and we run our house lighting off a whole separate solar invention that is amazing €€. Noosa company “EcoTekk Bike hire “was just recently nominated in the “ tours and sustainability “ category for their electric bike hire . We also use electric bikes as an alternative to driving - It’s all about reducing our carbon footprint.

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Glen Elmes MP In answer to your first question I think reducing the number of cars on the roads is a good place to start. Efficient, frequent, low impact shuttle services will address congestion, pollution and over time will become more convenient than hopping in a car. With regard to solar panels, I have ordered a 5 kw system for my home and it is days away from being installed. Thanks.

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Zero Emissions Noosa We have received the following answer from Phillip Jenkins - Greens Candidate for Noosa

1. At the state level we aim high and call for the elimination of electricity retailers in Queensland. All they do is stand between the generators (largely state-owned) and consumers, adding billions of dollars in costs to consumers. Because Queensland has not proceeded down the privatisation path as far as many other states, we still have plenty of room to make good policy and return electricity generation and distribution to the state.

At the local level I have a special interest in ensuring that business operators have every chance to choose solar PV whether they own their premises or not.

2. The workshop from which I operate my furniture business in the Noosaville industrial estate already has a solar PV system.

My house is built in an area crowded with tall trees. We always knew that solar PV would be difficult, so we set out to ensure that our house would be designed and built to require the absolute minimum of electricity. Most obviously we have huge insulated overhangs which keep us perfectly cool and eliminate the need for air conditioning. Our lighting and appliances are extremely efficient. Despite the fact that I love my coffee maker, our electricity consumption is less than 5kWh per day--a lower draw from the grid than many houses with big PV systems.

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Sandy Bolton 1 - I strongly support Noosa Council's Zero Emissions Strategy which seeks to have the Council reach net zero emissions by 2026 and, if elected to state parliament will work with council and Zen in their efforts, provide community leadership and secure state government support in whatever way I can. As a founding member alongside Zen of Innovate Noosa I am fully aware of their efforts and what is required to achieve the communities targets.

2 - I do not have solar panels installed on my roof as my home is heavily treed on the northern and southern sides and up against the tree line to the west. This allows morning sun from the east to warm the house in winter but would render solar panels inefficient for much of the day otherwise.

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