ZEN’s research shows that businesses which invest in solar regularly report the economic benefits it delivers. However, we also know that small business has little time to do the homework on the best options for them.

That’s why ZEN has collated 10 case studies of a range of Noosa businesses which have invested in solar. The case studies document the type of business, the system size, the payback period and the electricity savings for that business.

Depending on the business, you will find payback periods from under 2 years, and electricity savings from 33 to 100%.

We encourage you to check them out and be inspired to explore the benefits of rooftop solar for your business bottom line (and also help the environment).

Information in the business section of this website is provided to assist businesses to have informed, background information to assist them to ask the questions needed when investigating solar power.

We want to thank all the business owners who gave up their time to participate in the study. Also solar installers who contributed to the case studies: 247 Energy, Celtic Solar, Enopte, Enviroproject, Home and Energy, Island Energy, and Uni Industries.

We thank our funding partner, Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation. If you’d like more information about the case studies, please send us an email at

If you would like your business solar installation to be added as a Noosa Shire case study, please download the application form.