CASE STUDY LIST - needs a decent title & banner image

This is the page that’d show the summary list of case studies. Could be broken down by category - eg business solar, resi solar, batteries, energy efficiency, EVs, etc etc

A pre-amble here acknowledging sponsors & participants and a general ra ra

Maybe even a form for more info - try to make it sticky / get some engagement


  • what follows here is rough conceptual. Wanted to get feedback on the concept before going further

  • need to do some work on the images

  • idea would be to incorporate the business logo with an image of the business. This image would be used as the thumbnail as below. The image would also be used as the banner for each of the case studies

  • where there’s a video - would include an icon to indicate

  • in the Di Henshall example have include the Installer right at the bottom

  • we could include a collage of pictures also

  • propose we create a proforma for other test cases. Installers could provide the majority of the info. Some of the other words could come from press releases, or previous newspaper articles

  • simple way to include video for other case studies is just do an owner “talking head” with them being prompted by some standard questions

  • each case study could also have a “press kit” to make it as simple as possible for journos

  • ordering of the case studies could change regularly

  • propose to create a YouTube Zero Emissions Noosa channel to be used as repository for all videos

  • on a regular basis, post a case study to FB pages